"you can count on me!"

While I feel I’ve posted a lot of negative collections calls in the past, not everyone is a dick.

A customer calls through, we will name him Kevin.

Before I even spit out my intro-

Kevin: I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I was overseas and I want to pay my overdue balance! I just got the messages.

M: that’s okay, if I can grab some details from you, I can pull up your account and we can get everything back on track for you!


M: okay Kevin, it looks like you were two payments behind but our system has picked them up automatically so everything is up to date.

K: oh good! I was so worried, I should have checked my emails! I’m sorry!

M: no stress, Kevin, everything is up to date now and you’ve got another payment due on DATE.

K: thank you so much. Is there anything else I can do to make your job easier as well?

M: you’re all good Kevin, just keep in touch in future if you can, if you get an SMS or email from us, just respond to them and we will help you out.

K: absolutely, as soon as I get anything I will, you can count on me to keep up to date with my payments now, I’ve learnt my lesson!

M: that’s music to my ears, enjoy your weekend Kevin!

K: you too!

End call

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