So many stories, where do I begin

I just discovered this sub, and although I have been out of it for a number of years, I worked tech support for a good sized ISP back when broadband was still new and there were still lots of dial-up users. I could tell stories for days about how my faith in humanity was completely shaken by the stupidity of the general public.

I will crack this new-to-me sub with this one:

A customer calls in to report that her kid had lost his new cell phone, so she would like us to ‘just cancel it’ as she thought she would wait and then possibly get him another one from another provider. She did not realize that the “Free” phone was not actually free. I had to explain to her that if she had purchased a car and then wrecked it, she could not just call the bank and ask to stop paying for it. She was also stunned to learn that a phone costs upwards of $600, and that was too much to spend on a phone for her 10 yr old.

I also had another woman call in to say her son’s phone was stolen from the locker room when he was playing hockey, and she wanted me to provide her with it’s location and usage details so she could go catch the kid that stole it. She was furious that I would not provide this info, as per company policy, and told her that she would have to report it to the police and they could investigate and try and get it back. (which they obviously would not) I asked her if her own kid had done something bad, would she want his name and location to be shared with an adult that would then go and take the law into their own hands, no matter how I explained, she did not get it.

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