A nice experience with a call center

I’ve been lurking in this subreddit for quite some time. I don’t work in a call center but I enjoy reading the tales from all the people who deal with some of the worst humanity has to offer each day.

I just finished a discussion with my ISP about updating my plan and wanted to share it here because the person working in the call center did all they could to help me out and I really appreciate it.

For some background: I live in Australia, for anyone unfamiliar with our internet it’s pretty bad and we’re currently switching over to the “National Broadband Network” (NBN) which is supposed to be a great upgrade but in reality it has been mismanaged, half-assed and we’re going backwards.

I contacted my ISP after looking at their plans to switch me over from my current plan with their cable to the NBN plan….which uses the same cable. My current speeds are 100mbps down, 5mbps up with unlimited downloads and I pay $90 per month. Their NBN plan was 50 down, 15 up with unlimited downloads…for $90 per month. Download speed is important to me so switching over means I’d pay the same price for half the speed, not great. One of their competitors who has a decent reputation also offer essentially the same plan but with 100 down for $90 – seems like my logical choice.

That led me to contact my ISP just to make sure I hadn’t missed something. The operator confirmed all the details, said I could pay $30 per month extra for the 100 down but they’d half the price to $15…meaning I’d be paying $105 for the same as what I currently get for $90 (see what I mean about NBN going backwards?). I said to them it wasn’t very appealing, especially considering their competitor’s offer. They asked me to hold while they checked if there was anything else they could do, then came back to me with their supervisor’s approval and offered the speed upgrade for $0.

Great deal for me, I avoid having to mess around with another ISP and I get what I was after. I’ve been with them for 8 years and have always been happy with the service so didn’t want to switch to another ISP if I could avoid it.

So thank you very much to the nice operator that helped me out, I appreciate the effort they put in. I also left some nice feedback on the after call survey.

TLDR; Call center operator makes customer very happy

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