Customer doesn’t remember where the car is

These stories are slowly slipping from my memory the more time passes since I quit the call center, so I better write them down before I forget.

I took this call from a lady that wanted to file a complaint because we were ”harassing” her regarding a rental car she had returned.

C: I returned the car, my deposit is not back and you keep calling me and sending me texts!

Me: Ok, did you speak to someone at the station? Did they explain to you why they might be calling and texting?

C: Yeah! They keep saying I didn’t return the car!

Me: Did you return the car?

C: Yes! I left the keys in the inbox like they told me to!

Me: Alright then, maybe they are having trouble locating the car then? Where did you park it?

C: What?

Me: Where did you park the car? If you were not able to find a parking space in the designated lot for some reason, the employees may not know if you left the car nearby. Where is it? I can let them know where to look.

C: I don’t know.

Me: What?

C: Listen, this isn’t my problem. I returned the keys, you should figure out where the car is!! Stop harassing me!! I don’t know where the car is!! I couldn’t find the parking lot, and I didn’t have time to look around, so I just left it somewhere. It’s your job to go get it.

Me: Ok, first of all, you are supposed to return the car in the parking lot. A phone number is provided for you to call if you are lost or may be late. In the event that the parking lot is full, an employee can guide you to a nearby spot or you can leave the car wherever you can and inform the employees. An extra fee is charged if you request an employee to drop off the car to where you are, or pick it up from wherever you are. Also, they now need to charge you for the days the car is missing, and administrative fees since they need to contact a separate company in order to locate the vehicle. If the car was towed, you will be charged for towing fees and getting the car out of the impound. If you parked in a paid parking lot, you will be charged for the parking fees. Your deposit will not be released until the vehicle is actually found.

The way this works is like this: the cars have tracking devices, but they can only be turned on by filing a police report for a stolen vehicle and then paying an external company to track the car, which could take a couple of days.

C: This is ridiculous!!! Just go get the car!!!

Me: Where is it???

C: I don’t know!!! I parked nearby!!

This goes on forever and finally she says she will call the station and tell them where the car is and then sue us for this treatment. I wrote down the contract number so I can check on it out of curiosity.

This woman calls the station multiple times and proceeds to give them wrong directions to where the car is every time. She’s clearly insane. The employees at the station tried to give her the benefit of the doubt for a few days but finally ended up filing a police report when she dropped communication with them again.

The car was finally found 2 weeks later at a paid parking lot connected to a hospital?? She was charged for the full two weeks the car was missing, administrative fees, collection service + the parking fees.

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