When okay. You read that title right. This man had me heated today because he was tilted that I ASKED HIM to verify his account.

On mobile, spelling errors ensue.

Today around 1pm, I got a call from a man who wanted to check his transaction history and file a dispute against another toll authority for a bill he got. I open his toll account because he verified the number on the IVR (automated system).

M: me / B: boomer

M: Alrighty, I was able to locate an account thanks to it being verified through the IVR. Thank you very much! Quick question if I may, can you help me verify the credentials on the account?

B: What the fuck? Okay. My name is Ben Dover, I’m 6’1, I was born in 52, I’m a white male. I’m married. My DL# is 12345678 of TX, what more do you want, my fucking social?

M: No sir, that’s not necessary. While interesting you’ve provided to me this information, this is not what I am looking to verify. Can we try again, verifying this time the address, phone number, and email that’s associated with the account?

Begrudgingly, he does so, but immediately flips a dime.

B: I wish you guys would stop asking me all this fucking information and just help me.

M: I understand your frustrations, however, I am required to ask the caller to verify the information on the account they’re trying to access to avoid things like misinformation and other horrid things that may happen to your account if accessed by malicious people.


M: Sir, if I may, we here at (toll authority) like to keep our calls professional. I have brushed aside the first two curses, but calling me out as a bitch is highly uncalled for. I understand your displeasure with having to verify, but I do want to warn you, if another profanity is spat through this phonecall, I will have to follow procedure and place you back into the queue for another agent to assist you. (At the point he’s fuming, trying to mumble them under his breath. Says something like “fuckin ridiculous bullshit’ or something. Sadly, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and acted as if I didn’t hear. His issue was small, so I wasn’t about to miss my quota for calls over a man who didn’t enjoy telling us about himself for quality purposes.) Regarding verification and the process of verifying accounts, yes, we do also ask for verification to ensure everything is correct without a doubt within our system, so we can notify you of any changes to things like policies, roadway work, and roadside assistance in a timely manner. Of course, also while doing so, we protect those maliciously trying to get into your account from accessing sensitive information, such as where you live, your vehicle and credit card information, and other things.

B is furious, yet stays quiet. “Yeah okay whatever. Just help me out here.”

M: Of course sir, Id be happy to. ☺️

B and I go through his account and verify a couple things so that I could add them to his dispute form. After sending it in, I begin to wrap up.

M: Alright, B, I wanna thank you very much for calling (toll authority), did you have any questions for me before we depart?

B: Yeah, A Few. What’s your name and employee number?

M: Well, sadly we don’t have employee numbers, but my name is K-A-L-Y-P-S-O-E-C-L-I-P-S-O. And my login number is 12345.

B: Thank you. And one more time. I’ve been on this Earth longer than you, BITCH. Ask me to verify my account again when I call back in for WHATEVER REASON, and I’ll provide this information to your supervisor and demand you be fired for meddling in my personal affairs.


M: Well, alright then.

My supervisor, we’ll call her Irene, peers over (she’s sitting next to me).

Irene: I’m gonna pull that call. I heard that last part. I’m gonna make sure QA doesn’t mark you for “not trying to de-escalate”.

M: Thank god.

I kept my $300 bonus for the end of the month.

By like, seriously, on a serious note. This man would’ve been even more butthurt if roles were switched! Or! Even then! If I DIDNT VERIFY HIS ACCOUNT and someone malicious got in and fucked up his information.

Guys, whether you work in call centers or ate just lurking… Don’t be ruse to your Customer Service reps. They’re trying their best to assist you and keep your information safe. We ALL go into special training to make sure we can do that sufficiently. Of course we don’t want the same to happen to us, our info gets fucked and we’re ass out. So, please comply, and remember WE ARE THERE TO HELP.

Thanks for reading! ☺️

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