No I can’t let you in, we’re closed

So, the place I work is split between the call centre I work in, and a normal 9-5 business that has client appointments. These are what I call for; booking folks in for normal hours.

I work late-afternoon, into the evening, so there can be a little overlap.

The other day, the 9-5 half was closed, since they were going on a mass training conference, so it was decided to get everyone trained in one go, and close for the day.

I turn up late afternoon to start and there’s a man, leaning on the wall, next to the doors…. which strikes me as odd.

They’re on their phone and didn’t look up as I went to unlock the door, so I figured he was there on the footpath waiting for something else (pickup maybe?).

I close and lock the door behind me (I was working alone and this was the rule) and head off to my half of the office, and got to work.

Not 5 minutes later, I hear the door banging. It’s them. They’re trying to open the door. They also looked pissy.

Man: “Why is this locked?”

Me: “We’re closed?”

Man: “I have an appointment!”

(No, he didn’t, because I handled all he bookings and definitely didn’t book anyone in today)

Me: “No ones here; we can’t have clients today”

Man: “You’re here!”

Me: “Yes… from the call centre. I can’t take your appointment, only make it”

Man: “…. you’re lying! Let me in!”

(He resumes yanking on the door)

Me: “I really can’t… I can let my boss know you’re here, but that’s the best I can do”

(I’m definitely not allowed to let folks in, especially when I’m here on my own, which I was)

Man: “I’m going to complain and get you fired!”

He huffs off, swearing, I texted my boss, who was baffled and confirmed that no clients should have turned up. No complaints lodges as yet.

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