"I Blocked my Credit Card!"

Just got to work, hopped on the calls, first call – A woman yelling at me about a charge on her CC. You know…It blows my mind how dumb people can be when it comes to unrecognized charges. I know a few of you work at banks, so if one of you could enlighten me on the process of blocking a card, disputing a charge, stuff like that, I would be appreciative.

So anyways, we bill automatically every year for a subscription. Lady calls in, yelling, saying, “I blocked my credit card, I’m not doing this with you people (you people….literal chills)” For clarity if you call in asking to cancel and refund we do it. We don’t beat around the bush; we don’t ask questions; frankly, we don’t care what your issue or reason is. You want it done, and it’s done (as long as your within our VERY generous 51 moneyback guarantee). It takes me ~30 seconds to cancel and issue a full refund. However, these idiots go through the trouble of NOT calling the merchant first and immediately calling the bank and disputing the charge, which I have never had to do. Still, I’ve heard it is insanely complicated and takes weeks of time and forms and blah blah. Or outright getting a new card which again, means unique card number, meaning you have to spend hours now figuring out which things you need to update.

So yeah, I canceled and refunded it, lady. Have a nice day. See how easy that was?

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