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Hi everybody, I’m Dan.. So, I’m here because I have alot on my mind about call centers.

I’m a 35 year old man. For over the past decade I have worked in the 21st century sweat shop hell that is call centers. Collections, sales customers service in billing, tech support etc. Years and years of this misery pass until most recently when I decided toI work for a broker of retirement plans in a demanding finance job that required licencing in order to allow me to move money. Was not easy but ohh, I was so proud to pass the test after months of studying and a few attempts to pass it. yayyy a career finally!! ??

After that and job training came the the job itself…. I was good at it. I can talk to people, listen, be polite, research, resolve their problems and was effective But with call centers comes useless managment, metrics, little respect of the workers and greed (always wanting more productivity). While this position could clearly lead me somewhere I just couldnt hang on long enough.

Another god forsaken, life draining, annoyingly corporate, uptight, cultureless, noisy life suction of fluorescent lights while hundreds of voices all talk over eachother in inexplicablly short (2.5 foot high) cubicle mini prisons as we’re chained to our desks by that cord and headset.

AHT, ACW, FCR, Adherence (can’t even go piss)! the non stop queue, the pathetic and cheap headsets they give you (requested noise canceling and was denied many times even offered to pay), the angry customers one after another, all took its toll. It led me to a life I didn’t want to live in. So, i started taking adderall just to numb my mind to it. Basically, if they want robots (which these corporations do) I’ll give them one. For years I took this drug that allowed me to roboticly assist with customers petty complaints to the best of my abilities.

It worked for a while and still would.. But after a while it leaves me feeling even more empty, drained, underslept, etc which i already do naturally from the job.

A few weeks ago i said enough is enough and finally quit the job and call centers FOREVER!. I’m so relieved to not be there anymore. Thank God i don’t have to be in that environment anymore. I do have to say I’m fortunate in that my wife has a decent job and we can get by for a little bit with me currently not working.

But not knowing what’s next and having been here before i have an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Sometimes even suicidal or at least obsessed with death and not wanting to be here on this earth.. Anyone else experience this with call center life? I just never wanted to be alive during work hours because I felt like I was dead already. Amd now that I’m out its like what the hell do i do?!

Sadly I’ve been at this similar cross road before and was lured back in by the hopes to finally have a decent career. Call center jobs in my experience only lead to more call center jobs unfortunately. How can I break the cycle? ? I do have my bachelor’s degree in business, licensing in retirement products but even still every job I am qualified for looks to be customer facing.

I love the outdoors, being active, etc. I’m a peaceful, fun, sensitive, caring person…. Almost no-one understands how life sucking it is at call centers except the other people who work there. Helping so many people within the past decade of call center work has left me feeling so empty.

Really glad i found this reddit forum today as people’s stories and input I have really enjoyed reading. Im really going through some hard times, soul searching and feeling blue. Any comments or msgs are appreciated.


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