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About 25 years ago I worked at the call center for a very popular lingerie catalog. My colleagues and I got to take orders from some famous people and/or their assistants, which was always fun. But working the late shift, we also got calls from people with different fetishes. Asking to describe our feet was a popular one. We had “frequent flyers” and we would hang up as soon as we knew the nature of the call only to have them call right back and get the person who would be setting right next to me. This would continue for hours and you could literally watch as the caller would work their way thru the call center’s phone lines. I would also take calls on how to return things. Some of the reasons to return things were curious…one customer wanted to return an entire comforter set that her current boyfriend had because …she didn’t want to sleep on the same sheets that his ex laid on…so obviously very used. Another wanted to return several used bottles of perfume because…they were giving her yeast infections…just where was she spraying the perfume?!? We took both items back, no questions asked.

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