When the bomb hits, I have no clue what will happen to your money

I have worked in several call centers. For about four years, I worked for an North West based bank. I have many stories, but I would like to talk to you about this very interesting and note worthy call for a delightful gentlemen. This is one of the only times I can still remember the call as clear as day. Although, this happened roughly two years ago, I think.

It was late in the day, and the calls were slowing down. I get a call from an older guy who was probably 60, give or take. As it goes, I’m me, caller is TG (this guy). The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Thank you for calling blah-blah bank, this OP. How can I help you?

TG: Hi, I have a question about my bank account.

Me: Sure. What is your question?

TG: Yeah, I live in Local-Washington-Mt, and my bank branch is a ways away. I was wondering, in the even of the mountain erupting, or an atomic bomb hitting, how will I get my money?

Now, I am kind of stricken silence by this for many reasons, the main two being that it’s a unique question that has never, ever come up, and that I literally have no clue of the answer.

Me: Oh, uh, I really don’t know.

TG: Why don’t you know?

I explain pretty much the above reasons. After explaining that, he says the following:

TG: Well, if an atomic bomb did hit, wouldn’t you want to get to your money?

Ok, so what I said next may have been little harsh, I guess. However, what I did tell him is still my answer to this day.

Me: Well, sir, to be honest, if there was an atomic bomb hit, money is really going to be the last thing I would think of o worry about.

-The guy goes completely silent, and I get the dreaded phrase “Can I speak to you manager?” Little does this person know, but my Team Lead at the time is on the other side of our tall cubicles and can hear me perfectly. He already sensed an issue, so I patched him through. Our phones had the ability to listen in, and I can’t resit but listen in on mute.

The guy goes on to reiterate what I said, and my Team Lead agrees with me saying money is a low priority in an atomic blast. He ranted a bit longer but eventually hung up.

I have some more stories, but this guy was probably the most entertaining by far.

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