Lesson learnt – Never think good of the customer

I work for a sports merchandise website call centre. A customer had placed a single order for hoodie and socks. Below is the conversation:

Customer: Cancel the hoodie, as I ordered wrong size, and I will place a new order for the correct size.

Me: Should I cancel the entire order? This way, you can order socks along with the hoodie, and you won’t have to pay shipping twice for 2 orders.

Customer: Why should I pay shipping? I want shipping refunded for this order too.

Me: We do not have a free shipping promo right now. You have already paid for shipping on this order. If you cancel entire order, shipping will be refunded to you.

Customer: I want a refund for shipping right now

Customer’s wife (from background), since the phone was on speaker: Call the supervisor. We want refund for shipping.

Customer: I want supervisor.

Me: For what? I can cancel the hoodie for you.

Customer: No, I want shipping refund. Call supervisor.

Wife from background: Don’t you understand? Call the supervisor.

Me feeling betrayed and like an idiot: All supervisors are busy. Please hold for few moments.

I did not want to look like an idiot in front of the supervisor. So I just kept them on hold for 5 mins thinking what to do, and fortunately the customer disconnected the call.

Am never again trying to save people money. Its ‘do as directed’ from now on.

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