Are call center jobs really hell?

Where ever I go and who ever I ask, everyone tells me that call center jobs are by far the worst jobs that are out there. I am a college student and would like to earn some money on the side and I’ve got a job offer at one for a 10-20 hour work week, which sounds bearable. I also come from an abusive household and play lots of online-games, so I can handle narcissists screaming at me all day. Still, I am feeling pressured by everyone’s tales. Is it really that bad, and is it worth it? Is there anything additional I should know?

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  1. No it’s not worth it, Call centers are horrible, please don’t do it if you already come from a background of being abused, the daily verbal abuse can be too much to handle, I have physical and mental health issues from 14 years of call center life… are too young to fall in that trap

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