"Its Illegal to Overcharge!!" "But we aren’t…"

Hi guys, just a quick one while I’m at work (Saturday workers what’s up)

Someone called in just now to ask where she can lodge a complaint which is always a good start.

So a little context: The collection she called up for has regular magazine issues at 4.99 and specials (so far just one) at 10.99 which is discounted for direct subscribers. In the shops that special is 11.99, and we tell customers about the discount in the email telling them about the special issue.

Now with the story.

Me: Bla Bla Blah Magazines, Gaytor speaking, how can I help?

Her: Hi I’d like to know how I can make a complaint?

Me: (Oh boy) I can lodge an official complaint for you, can you tell me what this is about first?

Her: You know the special issue is 10.99 instead of 11.99?

Me: ye-

Her: Well I want to know why you’re lying to customers because there’s a sticker on here that says it’s 4.99!

Me: (knows exactly what’s happened) oh okay this is definitely the special issue right?

Her: Yes it came with the specials gift

Me: Right okay well I’ve not heard of literally anyone who’s gotten this issue for 4.99 so it was probably just a packing error and thry put the sticker on the wrong issue.

Her: NO you’re overcharging your customers and I’ll have you know that’s illegal!!!

Me:… No as I said no one has gotten this issue for 4.99, it’s not being charged this price anywhere what so ever. It’s 11.99 in shops and 10.99 direct through us.


Me: As I said, probably a shipping error that got the sticker on the wron-


Me: Please do.

Her: Okay I’ll stay on the phone while you get it up.

Me, dealing with emails from 8 days ago: Sorry ma’am I can’t i have to go through each email one by one and it’s just me in today, someone should get to it in the week though I imagine.

Her: Right I bloody well hope so

Me: Okay byeeeeeeeeeee

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