"You’re breaking the law by recording this phone call!!!!"

This is shelbydeebee at UndisclosedLocation, and I’ve been working for a credit card company in America for over a year now. This, however, was the first call I ever got where the caller asked to not be recorded.

Well, callers. It was a husband and wife. The wife was the primary on the card, and I believe the husband was an authorized buyer. I’m a bit fuzzy on those details, but bare with me.

In any case, the call basically went like this:

Wife: (after some muttering from her husband in the background) I would like to request that this call not be recorded.

Me: (taken aback) Well, ma’am, all calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. I can’t stop the recording.

Wife: (more indecipherable background muttering from her husband) Well, I’m not authorizing that you record me.

Me: (my allotted one moment a day where I think, “I don’t get paid enough for this“) Ok, let me double check with one of my more tenured agents just to be sure.

I place her on hold, and ask one of the nearby coaches for some advice on how to handle the call since I’d never encountered it before. She told me what to say, and I connected with the wife again.

Me: Ma’am, we value your right to privacy, but all calls with a representative are recorded. We can proceed with the call so I can help with your inquiry, or you can disconnect the call.

Husband: (after some shuffling of the phone being handed off) We have a right to request that we not be recorded, and you are obligated by law to stop the recording when we request it!

Me: (blinks. There goes my second allotment of “I don’t get paid enough for thisfor the day) I cannot stop the recording. We can proceed with the call, or you can disconnect.

Husband: Well then I’ll record the call on my end!

Me: You are more than welcome to do so.

Husband: (REEEEEEs) It’s against the law to keep recording this phone call!!

Me: (dude, don’t you think if I could stop the recording, I would – just so I could tell you to ‘shove your right to privacy up your ass and fuck off’ without hearing about it from the higher ups?) The recording will continue, regardless. Will you proceed with the inquiry while being recorded, or will you disconnect?

Husband: Let me speak to your supervisor.

Me: Of course. One moment for me. (Suddenly, I have a brilliant idea.) I should advise before I transfer you that the following phone call with my supervisor will be recorded for quality assurance. Please remain on the line before I introduce you to that supervisor.


I explained the situation to the supervisor (not my direct supervisor, btw) and when I told her the part about him thinking it was illegal to record the phone call, she responded with a delighted, “Really?” and a rather devious sounding chuckle.

I pictured her stroking a cat with a sadistic grin when she said, “Bring him on.”

Best call of the day.

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