An Aggravating Account Management Query

So I work at a call centre dealing with accounts and their subsequent managements. Usually the calls given are straightforward, except for this one in particular.

Guy rings up and asks why his account is banned. After providing me with his details, I noticed he had a negative balance on his account. What should have been a straight forward, less than eight minute call, became the longest forty five minutes of my entire life.

As with all account queries, the customer had to pass security checks. He did not, and we inform customers at this stage we can’t assist them further. Being kind, I was advising to check any old e-mail accounts and gather the relevant information; giving a reference number handy for the guy to call back. Guy thinks it’s a wise idea to instead of doing as I asked, to spend twenty minutes on the phone looking for e-mails, and to hog the line. At this point, I was working over time, and his repeated attempts failing security check wasn’t helping.

At that point, I lost patience, and instead of asking the guy, I straight up told the guy: “Look, I have to go, here is what we will do: take down this reference number, and call back when you have the details on your own time.”

Finally getting that through to him, he obliged, and after ending the call and notes, I signed out. I have never been so frustrated with a call for what should have been an easy open shut call, exacerbated by the caller’s idiotic attempts to pass security checks.

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