I demand you move me from this perfectly usable room!

I work for a corporate hotel company. Certain companies we work with have rules about who can and who can’t book rooms and where.

Me: [the usual intro speech]

Them: You gotta move me from this hotel. They put me in a disabled room.

Me: You’d have to speak with the front desk, I’m sure they’d be happy to move you if they have the availability.

Them: Oh, I did, they said that’s all they had. I need you to move me. I just don’t like disabled rooms. Can’t stay there.

Me: I can’t without a supervisor approval.

Them: [beat] why?

Me: it’s your company’s policy, I’m sorry. They would need to call us.

Them: you gotta move me, I won’t stay in that room!

Me: I can’t, sir, I’m sorry. I would need to speak with your supervisor.

Them: I guess I’ll sleep in my truck then. I’ll call back to complain. You should have just moved me. Now I have to sleep in my truck. Cancel my reservation. [Hangs up]

Note: He didn’t tell me his name or the city where he was staying, or the hotel. I’ve never had people throw fits for having to stay in a handicap accessible room.

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