Another day, a lifetime to go

I hope that I am not here for longer than I have to, to learn some transferable skills. Every day I wake up hating the thought of going to work and listen to the rants of the elderly. I have no issue with older people, but the entitled ones make this job frustrating. I worked in a collections call center before this one and it was cut throat, but as a collections rep, I enjoyed it more because there was some type of push back I could give to disrespectful people. My new job is all about servicing the customer, so we have to be as polite as possible even to the impolite boomers.

Anyway I say that, to say this, everyday that I make it is an accomplishment. Small victories, just knowing that I can control my anger in abusive situations, remain professional in the face of adversity and handle pressure very well. If those aren’t transferable skills for any job then I don’t know what is. I have a 2 and out rule for this place, 2 years of resume building experiencing and I’m on to the next. Good luck too all of you too, using this as a stepping stone.

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