The time a new employee went from being trained to fired to arrested in half a shift

I used to work in a customer care department for three letter mobile company and that place had some seriously wild turnover rates, I lasted a little over a year and by that time i think only 1 other person hired in the same group as me was still employed there.

However my favorite tale from that center involved a new hire about 6 months into my stint there.

She had just finished up training and was under probation on the team on the other side of the cubicile wallfrom me so i could kind of hear her talking on the phone, she seemed to be doing okay. but i thought she might have some kind of speech impediment as she was slurring her words a little bit, no big deal it happens but she was coherent so who cares right?


It went downhill fast after the lunch hour, apparently the new hire had gone across the street to the male waiter version of hooters and got absolutely smashed, she came back and I could smell the booze from the other side of the cubicle, and based on the slurring it made me realize that she had probably been drinking all day as she had been slurring since she had came in. I waved my supervisor over let him know what was going on from what i could smell and hear, and he headed over to to talk to the supervisor for her “team”

there was a bit of muffled discussion on the other side of the wall and then suddenly all hell broke loose. as when she was effectively fired by her supervisor (he at first told her to go home and be suspended but she refused and insisted she was fine i found out later). she lost her shit and starting trying to assault the supervisor, threw something (i think it was a purse) at the computer and busted the monitor. It took 3 of the security guys from the building to restrain her and move her away from the floor and the police were obviously called. She breaks down in hysterics “i cant lose this job, please give me another chance etc. etc.” at the top of her lungs and you could hear it even though she was outside the room.

I felt bad obviously alchoholism is a problem, but you cant exactly expect to get hammered and then keep your job in a customer facing role.

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