I am angry at you, who are you again?

I come to work this morning and there is a callback message a lady quite angry that she has had no internet or phone since yesterday. I look the name up, nothing, try just the last name. Nothing. I try the phone number nothing. So I call it back blind to who in our system this is.

I do the usual greeting and she reiterates that no internet and phone and is quite frustrated. I again go for confirmation of the account. Address, name, not in the system. I ask what name her account could be under. She then says ” I don’t think we have an account with your company” …. She is in a town we service is the only reason I didn’t hang up right there.

“The utility company gave me this number to call” she says now all signs of attitude out of her voice. I think were I a fly on the wall the little fizzle of a lightbulb would have flickered over her head the moment she said “I don’t think we have an account with your company” a moment ago

I say “I am sorry, you will have to call the company that handles your internet and phone”

“Do YOU know their number?” she asks the attitude back suddenly.

“Ma’am I don’t even know what company you have currently to know the number, you could check your billing for contact information”

“well, you are no help” she hangs up.

I haven’t even finished my first coffee yet

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