"Do you have Jewish gifts?"

Placed a large order for a customer the other night. It was tedious. There were many separate addresses the gifts were being sent to. The customer must have been sending holiday thank you gifts to his clients. Something like that. All the same item luckily. It was a generic Christmas gift. Towards the last person he had on his list he springs on me whether we have Jewish gifts. I did not hear him clearly at first and was thinking for a second I hope he was not saying something rude. No, he must have a Jewish client or so on that list. I asked if he meant for Hanukkah. I put him on hold and asked a higher up CSR. The answering CSR was kind of pissy about it when I asked if we have Hanukkah appropriate gift :”WE HAVE GIFTS!” is the short answer. Embarrassed I had to ask but the customer kind of put me on the spot. We are a WASPy company in truth. Sort of a third rail where I work to even go there. We don’t acknowledge religion or race, etc. due to PC environment even in talk conversation between employees. Anyway, no Hanukkah gifts, I tell the customer such, we move on. I laugh about it now. It is funny the way the customer asked, sort of like an afterthought. I was thinking, maybe we have a dreidel or something. No clue what would be a Jewish gift myself. Cracks me up more that my CSR respondent was kind of angry I even bothered to ask them. Next time I will know better, lol.

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