How dare you fee me while my husband is incarcerated!

Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster – you know the spiel. Apologize in advance because I am posting on mobile! This is my first story, so go easy on me if it’s not that great!

I am a supervisor at a call center for a large credit union in my state, and unfortunately I deal with everything across the board (i.e. collections, charged off accounts, regular transfers so on…). Well yesterday I had the pleasure of dealing with Entitled Lady, over a car payment and a fee assed on her account.

Me = Me EL = Entitled Lady CR= Collections Rep

Me: “Thank you for calling Credit Union, this is Tayjeanlor, how may I assist you?”


Me: que very long eye roll and muted sigh “Yes ma’am you selected the right extension so I am a Supervisor. How can I assist you today?”

EL: que weird dramatic crying? Fake crying? I really never know with these people. “My husband sniffles was incarcerated and sniffles you guys keep feeing account and you want to repossess my car AFTER I HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN WITH YOU. whines.

Me: wanting to die

While EL is to busy huffing and puffing (and making a lot of unnecessary noises) I am reviewing the accounts to see what is going on, and of course it is entirely her fault the situation she’s in.

Me: “Oh yes ma’am I see that we’ve spoken with you a couple of times this week already! We’re we not able to resolve the issue for you previously?”

EL: “My husband is on a life sentence right now! WHY DO YOU THINK IM SO DISTRAUGHT ABOUT THESE FEES! I’m just a single lady, I can’t do this all on my own. sniffles.”

Im literally just thinking how this psycho can go from screaming to crying, but hey to each their own right?

Me: “I’m sorry to see you’ve encountered some fee’s on your checking account! I see when we spoke with you last, we advised you called your insurance provider to cancel the payments/plan since you do not have the funds available now.”

EL: “FINE. I WILL call them AFTER I stop you guys from repossessing the vehicle that I don’t even use. That truck was MY HUSBANDS ya know. How f*ing inconsiderate are you guys. God.”

Me: annoyed. “Well it looks like we have your loan with our collections department, I can see if I can get in contact with them so we can set up a payment arrangement to ease your load! And that way you keep from getting the vehicle repossessed. How does that sound?”

EL: “Just get me with whoever is going to fix my f*ing problem.”

Me: secretly wanting her to just implode. “Absolutely, I’ll just be placing you on a brief hold.”

CR: “Collections, this is CR. How can I assist?”

Me: “Hey CR! I have a member on the other line saying that she’s needing to set up a payment arrangement because she is not able to meet the payments required I was wondering if you could take a look for me?”

CR: “Of course!”

At this point me and the rep are just going through the process of pulling the loans, and history on the account, and commenting on how this member is literally psycho per their notes as well, lol.

CR: “She actually called for the same thing yesterday, and the day before. Did she give you a sob about how her husband is in jail and she’s only one women?”

Me: “I am pretty sure that’s what I caught between the screaming and the crying, lol.”

CR: “Yeah she wants us to do everything under the sun for her considering her situation, but once we researched why the husband was in jail, and for how long – there was not a lot we could do.”

Me: “Oh? Jeez that’s weird, but I definitely believe you.”

CR: “I’m happy to speak with her, but just google her husbands name when we get off the call.”

So after that mess of a call, I did end up researching the members name and it turns out he was in fact serving a life sentence for multiple accounts of sexual offenses with a minor.

Turns out she has overdrawn her account taking out bail bonds, pay day loans, and quick cash loans to bail out the husband who’s a monster. So not only does she want us to pay his loan, allow her to continually take money out that she can’t afford to pay back, BUT she also wants us to reverse the hundreds of fees she got trying to get her scumbag husband out of jail.

Nice try EL, maybe better luck with another institution and verbally abusing their employees because we don’t sympathize with you.

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