I’m getting ready to be terminated in a call center based on HR looking at me as a "stat" and I’ve never been so hurt…

My job: I have work for a popular OTA assisting hotels/properties specifically handling billing, room types/rate plans, and availability for the last 5 years. It’s a love/hate job based on the kind of calls I get a day, but overall, I’m very passionate about my job. I love hearing the person on other end of the line telling me that I was the most helpful person they’ve worked with (even if I feel bad that it took them a couple of times to get the correct answer), listen to them get excited when we walk through new features they didn’t know about on our extranet, and especially when I get a super mad person who said they are going to close their contract at the beginning of the call, and me going through all the stuff they didn’t know to just end the call with them saying they’ll hold out and try the stuff I showed them!

Background: I have epilepsy and in the 4th year at the company (with exceeding stats) I decided to have brain surgery to help with the Grand mal seizures. The results were AMAZING but with the result of my language being a little slower (I had to ask my SO how to spell FIVE a couple months after the surgery). This didn’t cause any issues with the way I spoke with hotels but it did take me a little longer in ACW to write up any notes from the conversation.

Now: All my stats still meets or exceeds becides my ACW. My sup knows what the surgery has caused me and has even graphed out the before/after. I tried to put an accommodation through our FMLA (third party) but they refused. My sup hoping to do me a favor asked me to send accommodation info to HR so that he wouldn’t have to write me up for my excessive ACW.

HR had a meeting with me a few weeks ago saying that I no longer meet the job requirements (ACW) and I would need to find another job in the company within the next 60 days or I would be terminated.

Unfortunately the only other position currently open is escalations for customers. I might get some crazies on the phone but I work with businesses, not down right “Karens”. The only option I have at this point is to move on to another job with equel the insurance to keep my neurologist and lower prices on my medication. – so probably another big name company call center in my town.

I despise that I have put so much into my job and has made an impact on our partners/hotels but HR sees me as another stat and the amount of money I’ve saved them, the amount of people I’ve made happy, the amount of business I’ve saved is nothing to them.

“We can’t just change stats for one person.” But I’ve always had great stats and have actual proof showing why it takes me a little longer to type in my notes!!

I just wanted to vent. There isn’t much I can do and nor do I want to stir the pot…

I just want someone besides my supervisor to see how qualified I am to be in my position.

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