First shift alone and I get THIS NOTE?

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My first day by myself at a Pizza Call Center was going okay. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I thought I knew what I was doing more than some of the others working with me (I was the fun one on the floor but I went above and beyond compared to some of the monotony).

That’s when this call comes in, I was surprised I handled it as well as I did.

Cast: me and Customer (cx)

Me: Thank you for calling PizzaCompany my name is TurnerOnAir can I start with your phone number please? *types in number* Are you looking for delivery or pick up today?
CX: Delivery please.
Me: Alrighty and what can we get started for you… *system note pops up*


Cue me sweating bullets! First day alone and I get a guy like this?

CX: Medium thincrust pepperoni pizza please.
Me: Ah yes about that, it looks like delivery is no longer offered at your location, if you’d like I can place the order for pick up?
CX: I can’t get delivery?
Me: No it doesn’t look like it. Pick up is still available at the store though!
CX: *huffs* well I’ll order from elsewhere then… *disconnects*

Not the craziest story but I was terrified, it was my first day! Thanks for your time 🙂

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Banging head against the desk part Deux!

Haven’t done this yet, but very tempted to do this to customers calling from NJ,NY,CT,MA