Banging head against the desk part Deux!

I work at a company that have government contracts. In the field of mailorder pharmacies. I handle escalations of various types and this is the type of call where I want to just bang my head repeatedly into my desk.

Caller tonight called up with the following. “I am calling you because I found this package on a side door off the street for my insulin. It says it shipped 2 months ago and your pharmacist verified its bad. I want you to send me another one at no cost, I always had it on autoefill and was wondering where it was”

Me “Given this account involves government funding I can’t credit your however I can ship you another order as an medication that was spoiled however” The amount 20 dollars.

“But the shipper made a mistake I never got it” At this point I am wondering where her logic was “I am sorry about this but we can’t give you a credit on an order that was clearly delivered” Trying to avoid sending condescending and not coming off as a smartass no matter how much I would want too.

“But they delivered it to somewhere I never check!” She replies “That is there fault not mine I should not be responsible for this!” FYI she as mentioned earlier told me she has scripts enrolled in autorefill and we do outbound calls to notify her.

“Mam I understand why you are frustrated. But when an account involves government dollars we can’t just credit you. That would be considered an extra benefit if we or the shipper made no error” I tell her.

In her old womens voice “Well I want your name location!” She demands

Ok “My name is Bob not my real name I am located in insert state and my employee id is id.

She pauses clearly this isn’t what she expected me to do. Most people when they start asking for this information expect you to just avoid giving in and doing what they want. But hey she pulls out the survey gambit!

“Well, this call is obviously over I want you to put me through the survey!” She states

Internal sigh by me. “Mam I understand this but before you do that do you want me to send another order out to you?” I ask because we DO need to ship something to her so she can take it.

“No, I will call back tommorow!” She states

“Mam for the sake of argument, they are not going to ship this other order out to you for no charge. The WILL charge you for it but if anything, its the original order that they would credit” I tell her hoping to get her to understand that no matter what happens she will be paying for this order which I can guarantee you she will given the type of account it is.

“No I will call back tomorrow!” She says with determination

“Ok, I apologize I couldn’t be of more help, I will go ahead and pass you to the survey” I reply to her releasing the line to the survey.

In conclusion. Member had medication enrolled in autorefill we called her told her it was shipping it shipped, she waited 60 days to contact us telling us she only now found the item and wants me to replace it even though the plan is a government contract so we can’t just replace anything without due cause. Sometimes in a callcenter you just can’t win.

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