A Thoughtful Customer

So I work at a catalog company in the customer service department. We usually have customers call us for general questions, estimated delivery dates, and issues with their orders etc. Our orders ship out from our warehouse here in California (relevant to the story)

Me: Customer service, this is Melly520, how may I help you?

Thoughtful Customer: sounding concerned Hi, Melly520! I just wanted to know if your company was anywhere near the fires??!

Me: touched at this customer’s concern over our well being No! Thankfully we are not but it’s still incredibly sad to hear about all the people affected.

Thoughtful Customer: sighs with relief Oh thank GOD! That means my order won’t be delayed! Ok I will mail it right off. Thank you!

I was a bit stunned. But it became a funny little story I later told my coworkers.

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