Another "delivery times" post

“I’ve got a delivery coming today but time’s getting on and I need to go out to a Doctor’s appointment.”
“Right what’s your ******** ………” *Takes details*
“Okay, yes I can see it’s coming today, what time did they say it would be there?”
“They didn’t”
“….Right and did you ask them?”
“Right and when was this Doctor’s appointment made?”
“About a month ago”
“Mr ********, if you knew you had a Doctor’s appointment for a specific time, why would you not query the time of your delivery?”
“Well I assumed it’d be there by midday?”
“Why? What indication did they give you of that?”
“Because when Tesco’s come they’re usually here by 11”
“But we’re not Tesco!”
“I know that, I’m not stupid!”
*Thinks about what I’d like to say*
“Right, for future reference, just because Tesco deliver at a certain time, doesn’t mean we do.”
“And why have you left it until 5 minutes before you’re going to leave to try and chase up the delivery?”
“In case it arrived earlier”

Old people…FML!!!! :@:@:@:@

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