Financial chat support agent who gets clients with odd vocab

I’m fairly new to the financial account I’m working at, but have been in production for about a month. Most of our clients/customers are younger as the credit line is geared toward financial health, but some just reek of coming from old money from the way they chat.

The one in particular that sticks in my mind is this young guy (I won’t share PII of course but he was definitely a millenial) whose messages read like they were dictated by the monopoly guy. Like I read the messages a la Thurston Howell. It wasn’t uncomfortable and he was terribly polite (may have been because he was told yes to applying for a credit increase) but the vocabulary was just odd. A snippet of the chat, for example:

Me: I’d be happy to help with that application! Please note that it may take Case Management up to 30 days to review your information and supply an answer.

Cx: Splendid! I’ll keep a watchful eye for correspondence. Will I be notified via this channel?

Me: Your main notification will be through email, but of course you’re more than welcome to chat back in or give us a call, and a specialist will give whatever updates are available to us.

Cx: Wonderful, wonderful. That was my only inquiry, thank you dear. Enjoy your night.

Again, not a bad chat, but definitely weird.

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