when death calls to speak with an angel and gets connected to a devil ;)

i do not know if it is still funny after translation, but i try:

so, the german word for death = Tod.
the lastname Toth is similar spoken

the german word for angel = Engel
but with Engl it is simliar spoken

the german word for devil = Teufel
the lastname Teufl is similar spoken

a short time ago, i got a call, mrs Toth/Death, who wanted to speak with a case worker, mr Englmaier/Angelmaier.

I had to inform her, that mr. Englmaier was not available, but i could connect her to his proxy, Mrs Teufl/Devil.

she was silent a few sekonds and then asked me laughing: So, i want to speak to an angel, but you can only offer me a devil?

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So what you are saying is?

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