So what you are saying is?

So I work in management for one of the big student loan servicers for the United States. I work in a collections/ customer service environment and have a team of approximately 20 people who report to me. Anywho, I get people who want to escalate on a daily basis. Most of these I can help the agent to de-escalate, or at least give them a solution so they don’t have to talk to me, but maybe 2-3 times a day I will get an escalated call without a doubt. On one particular day we had a much higher volume of escalations (other team leads were out and I was covering for them essentially) and I was almost at my wits end. So an agent puts in one of our team chats that he had a customer who wants to speak to a someone above him. The problem that he outlined in chat was pretty easy to fix, just sounded like the customer wasn’t happy that we reported to credit over them being delinquent. Not a huge deal, but unless it was an error on our part we won’t correct it. The conversation goes as follows:

Me- Thank you for holding, my name is Mike (not my actual name) and I speaking with John Doe.

JD- Yes you are Mike. And let me tell you something. You guys are a bunch of crooks.

Me- I am sorry you feel that way, but what can I help with?

JD- For starters you can remove the negative credit reporting AND any interest I have accrued over the past 90 days.

Me- Well sir you can certainly submit a credit dispute in writing (the FCRA requires disputes in writing so not my rule) as for interest, we are not able to undo or credit you interest per Department of Education guidelines.

JD- Well when I took out these loans no one told me there would be interest.

Me- (Knowing the customer is either lying or is really that stupid) So your school never told you that the LOAN that you are taking out has interest?

JD- The school didn’t tell me shit, they are a bunch of crooks too! Anyone who works for the government is!

Me- Well if you believe the school committed fraud you can file for Defense to Repayment (program created for situations specifically for school fraud), but there is nothing I can do to undo interest on your account.

JD- The school didn’t commit fraud I just wasn’t told that loans accrue interest.

Me- So what you’re saying is that, you didn’t know that loans accrue interest?

JD- Yes.

Me- So you don’t have a mortgage or a car note?

JD- Of course I do! But those are different types of loans, right?

Me- You’ve also had these loans upward of 15 years and just now you are realizing they are accruing interest?

JD- Are you getting smart with me boy?

Me- Not at all sir!

After that it pretty much died down to him filing the credit dispute and mailing it out while I was on the phone because that makes since and he was still pissed about the interest so I told him to take it up with the department of education since it wasn’t my rule. He called back in about 3 times after that and escalated every time. He eventually got aggressive on the phone and our info security team blocked his number and he is now to correspond by paper only lol.

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