Retarded scam customer

So I work in the home moves department of an energy company in England to which just finished my shift in which this occurred today.

Had a customer call through saying them moved into an address with the wife and kids in which when checking said address found the electric had recently been registered to be taken over by the company as a business account in which gas already with us as business but with over 2k debt on it, with any debt over £100 it’s standard to ask for proof of take over. As soon as I asked said customer for proof such as a tenancy agreement or completion documents they hung up.

Usually with hang ups or disconnections we are told to try and call customer back but I got a feeling there was something going on and when I checked the account notes that feeling was correct. Since 12pm there had been 11 other advisors in the account (I got the call around 2pm) taking calls from this person all with the exact same result of the call ending as soon as they asked for proof which mean the customer was actually a business owner trying to get residential rates.

I checked the account before I left at 4pm and found the advisor count was up to 20 and had even been passed to revenue and protect due to the number of calls.

The guy will never get the account updated but I dread to think of the phone bill they are creating, such a shame there was no wait times for my department.

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when death calls to speak with an angel and gets connected to a devil ;)

I’m still laughing about this