Teddybears on the bed? Did I hear that right ma’am?

Hey all!

Havent had a strange call in a while but had to share this gem. Job is with a popular site offering alternatives to hotel stays with their own home blah blah blah.

Starring: Aja as CS H as the person who owns the property And OL as the person staying

CS: Hi my name is Aja, thanks for calling us today, how may I help you?

H: I have a small issue with the person staying at the moment. I know they will complain despite me trying to help them as much as possible.

CS: No problem! Give me a rundown of what’s going on.

H explains and OL is just having a grudge about everything. From the linen H has to space of the rooms, despite H mentioning all of this before OL booked on her little ad.

While I’m still on the line, H bursts out laughing.

H: she just sent me a message saying she is offended that one of the beds has a stuffed animal on the bed.

I turn to my colleague next to me and give her “the look” and say “she is upset you have a stuffed animal on the bed? Did I hear that correctly?”

Sure enough she wasnt lying. It was all there on the messages.

CS: Okay what I am going to do is as OL has reached out to us is assign you your own case leader and the case leaders can discuss the case as a whole between them.

Really glad I’m just basic CS and dont need to become a leader to decide things!

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