Broken and full of bugs – literal and a metaphor

Last November a customer took a modem to one of our offices. They told us. Repeat they told us. It had been slammed on the floor and stomped on. It had no front cover. It was broken and full of mostly dead roaches. They were summarily charged the price of replacing the modem to their account. They took another working modem home with them. With a receipt for the 119.95 for replacement of the damaged equipment. A month later billing comes up. They refuse to pay saying now they didn’t break the modem. We have pictures, documentation and their own words from before. They ask for an extension. And someone up the chain no longer with us says ok. The next month going into now owing for 3 months and the modem. The modem and tv boxes are remotely disabled for the extreme late pay. A tech has been scheduled for physical disconnect if payment not made by ‘x’ date that month.

3 more attempts to call the only number on file and hear a recording saying caller not accepting calls.

Work order notification goes out by text

Lady calls in continuing the claim they didn’t break the modem. She wants an extension number 2 and only wants to pay half. Just no we tell them in nicer words. She hangs up.

The next day, the day before the tech is coming out. She tries again. She kept going in circles about paying but his time something changed. She said ‘when we broke the modem’ multiple times while going in said circles. Well, she got that much right now. But doesn’t want to pay because TV and internet not working. I AGAIN tell her this is due to the remote turn off of her cable boxes and modem. Round and round we went. Then she wanted credit for the time (that day) she was remote disconnected. When told that isn’t how this works hung up.

1 hour later husband calls back. Starts trying to make excuses why modem was dropped and stomped on as if this is going to get a refund on it? He then took an odd left turn and said even if they pay their bill and we turn it back on it will have nothing but issues it’s all they ever have is issues so why should he pay if we are not going to fix it. I call this bluff and say I will gladly schedule a work order to take a look. He refuses. At this point, I am just done with them. I flat out say “What would you like me to do sir? You refuse a work order to fix supposed issues, you won’t pay your bill, you broke a modem, returned the modem, telling and showing us how it was broken, were given extensions, didn’t fulfill those, then denied breaking the modem, then reversed back to the original you broke the modem but under extenuating circumstances.” At this point, you could feel the defeat over the phone. He mumbled and the call went silent. You could hear him mumbling to someone in the background after waiting and doing multiple hellos and no response I ended the call.

The next day they called asking the tech come out as late as possible. Sure, I am thinking they are trying to get the money together for it. Nope, when the tech showed up they just complained to him about the modem being charged for and didn’t break it trying to rehash it all with him. He just said take it up with the office (he had the same notes we had with all this and wasn’t even going to get into it). So the tech disconnected them.

A week later calling back wanting to hook back up starting disputing amount for modem. Said its noted and scanned the picture of the same receipt you were given at the office. “oh” was all she managed. I get it money issues are humbling and can bring you down. But the nonstop lies. Just stop already. You are gaining nothing but looking the fool many times over.

2 months later. No questions asked paid off their owed balance the same day they got their collections notice.

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