I always get my benefits on the 9th you need to tell me right now why my benefits are not on my card!

So I work for food stamps card services for an unnamed state. Lady calls in and opens the call with “I am in line right now I have 600 dollars worth of groceries that they have rung up and my card is not working I get my benefits every month on the 9th you need to tell me RIGHT NOW why my card isn’t working.” I instantly knew what was wrong but she had pissed me off so I made her verify all the info I need(social, name, dob) and she just gets more and more huffy as I ask for each new piece of information. Then once she’s verified everything I say in my nicest voice… Ma’am it’s the 8th you will receive you benefits tonight at midnight.

She started to argue then hung up. That’s probably my fav call I have ever gotten.

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