Talking to the VIW ("vErY iMpOrtAnT wAlL)

So, couple of years back, i’ve worked in a callcenter of one of the biggest Insurance Companies in Europe. My job was to report peoples claims and inform them about already reported ones. I’ve worked there for 2 years and have a countless stories, but this one has inscribed itself deep into my skull, because it shows us that no matter how hight up the ladder one is, he still can be a dumbass.

So one day this guy called, (I’ll reffer to him as VIW) Why Very Important Wall? Well, before he said “hello” he pressed to introduce himself as a “Chief Attache to The Embasy of Y”. He had a crash in X, and wanted to repair his car there. His car was insured in Y’s IC.
In europe things work like this: Every major IC have their bureaus in every other european Country. So if you’re in X, and you get hit by a guy insured there, you call to the IC that cooperates/is a branch of the IC of the Guy that hit you, that operates from Y. You report the claim, and your car is going to have it’s repairs once you (or your Insurance Company) bring it to Y. There are some rare occasions that IC lets you repair a car in another country, but only in a minor cases, like broken lamp and so on.

Now, VIW’s car, has ben utterly destroyed by the accident, didn’t had a chance to get repaired there. And i told exactly what to do: Call the branch of his IC that operates from your country (Y), report the claim there, and have your car transported to Y in order to repair it.

As you may imagine, the conversation we then proceeded to make looked like this:
VIW: “No, i want to do it Here, in X, i work here as a Chief Attache of The Embasy of Y, and i want it to be done here”
Me: “I understand sir, but the rules are clear – with a damage like this, you’d have to contact the branch of the offenders IC in Y in order to report the claim and in order for them to bring your car to Y for repairs. These are the rules and you can’t repair your car in X, due to the currency and price differences. I can’t assure you, that if you’d repaired your car there, IC in Y would accept the costs.”
VIW: “No, i want to do it here…”

And i do understood that for him, as a victim, it’s just a load of work that he shouldn’t be forced to do. But the fact that he kept giving me the same answer, for 30 minutes or so, was infuriating. It wasn’t the fact that he simply didn’t knew what to do – he ignored every information i was giving to him, thinking that saying “I’m an Attache…” would make the IC to repair his cair with an enormous price bump in a foreign country.

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