She stole my identity!

I used to work at a call center that vetted calls for a big law firm down south. The law firm itself was for personal injury, but we would refer some other types of cases to other law firms.

One woman called in sounding angry right off the bat. She began telling me how Taylor Swift was stealing her identity because all of her songs from one of her albums matched her life exactly. I tried asking her if maybe it was just a coincidence that they went through similar things, and she was very quick to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about. “She has stolen all of my life experiences and wrote songs about me!”

My favorite thing to ask the crazies was “are you physically injured?” This usually let me just tell them right away that it wasn’t something we could help with. She was adamant that this was emotionally taxing on her and that this was an injury.

Long story short, this call lasted for about 15 minutes with me repeating over and over that we couldn’t help her.

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