Marriage proposal

I work for a cable company, I logged into the phone and first thing get a call. From a man asking me to reverse porn charges. At first he had told me that his nephews accidentally turned on to the channel. I told him that he should set his parents all control, And tried to leave him through the process. And mind you he was really sweet so I agree reverse them after I let him through the process. Then he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to have sex. And I had just got married I didn’t know what to say I was still new. I told him no I’m happy with my husband thanks. Then he told me he didn’t mind sharing, he also told me that he would pay for my wedding to him and that my husband could live with us. The TL that was on duty noticed what was happening and came over who is going to take over the call but he didn’t get a chance the man hung up fast once he heard another man talking to me.

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"So, is it for a year?"

She stole my identity!