I want $1000 put in my account as compensation.

I work in a banking call center in escalations. I get all the wild ones, but this guy was about as delusional and entitled as it comes. All my coworkers got a good laugh out of this guy.

He calls in because his card was blocked trying to make a charge to a large shoe retailer for a pair of highly sought after shoes that apparently released this morning. He was pissed that by the time he went back, they were already sold out. The reason he was pissed was because he was going to buy them at ~$250 and then resell them once they were sold out for $1500, according to him.

He wanted us to reprocess the charge, but I explain we cannot retroactively approve a charge. We call large shoe retailer. He makes me wait on hold with them over 30 mins and we finally are told they are sold out, nothing they can do.

He then proceeds to SCREAM at me that we WILL compensate him with $1000 in his account for the money lost on this potential sale that will now not happen.

I mute my phone and laugh at the ignorance of this fool, that the bank is just gonna hand over $1000 for some shoes he couldn’t buy and resell for profit.

I then tell him we will not be giving him any money, as that card is bank property and we have the right to block it. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

He then escalates to my manager, who also gives him a hard no. Good times.

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