[rant] either somebody did not listen or somebody else did not do their job

a tale of when a call that should have lastet 1-2 minutes takes 12 minutes because either somebody did not listen, or somebody did not do their job.

a rather new client called today in because she is ill – so normaly a call that lasts 1-2 minutes – i do what i have to do on our side, tell her she should call again when she is well and am done.

not today.

because she has a condition/situation, that requires a lot more of “hoops” so she can get the benefits she has applied for.
but nothing with influence for how my call with her should have been.

there is a bunch of requirements and things to know for her about it, because how we are allowed to handle things for her/with her is in some parts drastically different if she did not have this condition (not a medical condition, something with her personal situation and how we have to check if she is qualifies for the benefits again and again.)

and all this stuff is something, our clients with this condition are told/should be told when they apply for the benefits – and when they are with their case worker- because it is a rather complicated situation and always best told in person and not over the phone.

so in the call she mentioned something about how she wondered, why something was so different for her – and it was because of the condition.

It is rather normal, to not get the connection between this condition and the difference in handling if you are not an experienced client – so i told her in short – the difference in the handling of the situation is because of it.

(and in a normal call – she would have gotten the point and all would have been well).

….it was not … because she was not aware of it at all.

and so i tried to explain it to her on the phone – she was nice and she caught on really quick – and she seemed to genuinely did not know about it at all.

but..i also know, there are people that are not listening if somebody explains them something (because they already “know” it *eyeroll* or whatever) – but she seemed really unaware..

so either she did not listen, or her case worker did not do this part of the job… i tend to believe in this situation it was the latter (because how the call with her was but.. i cannot be sure).

either way… fixed it….it took 12 minutes and only 12 because she was quick in understanding… but…gnaaah why?

whatever it was – her not listening or the other person not talking with her about it… it is so much harder on the phone.. if she would not have been so quick to get it, it would have been a nightmare and for her also a very frustrating experience

(because from experience: it is hard for people to get the whole complicated situation on the phone when they have nothing to look at or have in their hands. That is the reason why this is something explained in person and with their case worker.)

/end of rant

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