Demands 300$ each time for calling us and nothing is wrong

We had a customer call in the past wanting 15 dollars credit every time it goes offline for any small period of time. Be it 1 second to 1 day. Absolutely not we are not paying them for the internet. This ploy has never worked and at most she’d get one day credit if anything seen that would merit it and more often than not nothing seen. During her years of continuous credit fishing she dropped she will just write the CEO. OK knock yourself out, claims she did before and credit than wasn’t put on. Well, then it seems that letter didn’t do all you thought then. I understand the frustration, but we are not in the business of paying someone to lower their bill with 3 full days credit for a supposed 5-second outage.

The conversation then took a left turn. She then tried to say she is going to charge us 300 dollars for calling and telling us about the supposed outage since she’d have to go to the house (it was her mother’s house” and she is a busy woman and charges people 300 per hour for her time). It took all my training and a quick finger to the mute button to not laugh at the utter absurdity of that. 5.00 credit on services for the day was what we could do IF she is having issues. Seems since we wouldn’t give 15 this seemed the next logical course in her mind. She then says its been down hours, that 5 dollar credit (were her downtime true) is for 24 hours and she said that is bad customer service. I am not getting does she want me to lower it by the hour that would be less I had offered a day. (this has happened with many math-challenged customers in the past) she refused wants 300 again. I let her know we are not giving that much credit. She then asks for a manager, told the manager isn’t going to take a call where someone feels they need 60 times the daily rate for part of a day and given a full day credit for claimed offline while showing online and multiple gigs usage and 0 offline times for the day. She hung up.

She tried again per the notes on the account with another rep about an hour later, who just read back what I had noted. This was the last call she made about this, it’s been over a year now and no calls no notes. Bills paid. After 4 years of supervisor and CEO name dropping (we are a small enough company this didn’t intimidate anyone) Fishing for credit and no bites beyond a day credit if, if anything was seen and more often than not, nothing was given, she’s stopped for a year now. We have since sold that area off and I wonder is she trying this with the new company?

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