Person Doesn’t Know Who Took His Money

I worked in the customer service department for a pretty terrible car rental company, which meant that I took calls and emails from people complaining about us taking their money all the time. Some customers were totally in the right, and some were just crazy.

This phone call started with the person immediately yelling at me.


Me: Alright, sir, let’s see what happened. Tell me your rental agreement or reservation number.

C: I don’t know it.

Me: Ok, can you give me the pick up date, the office and your last name?

C: I don’t remember where it was or when it was.

Me:….ok….Give me your full name.

He mumbles something and I ask him to spell his name multiple times to get it right and there’s nothing in the system.

Me: Sir, I’m not getting any reservations under your name.


Me: Sir, did you actually rent with us at any point?


At this point he just keeps yelling the same thing over and over again.

Me: Sir, can you please give me the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card so I can check if any movements were actually made?

He gives me the number, there’s nothing. Then gives me another number, again there’s nothing.

Me: Sir, we have not made any charges on your card.

He keeps yelling more and more.

Me: Sir, when you look at the charge on your account, what does it say?

C: It says TotallyNotTheCompanyI’mCalling.

Me: Sir, you’re calling a completely different company. I can assure you we have not made any charges on your card, and you’re not even our customer.

C: Ok, then give me my money back since I’m not your customer.

Me: You need to call the correct company.

C: You do it.

Me: I’m not calling a different company. This is your card, if you want your money back please contact the correct people.

C: Give me their information.

Me: I have no way to do that. You can Google the information based on what your account is reflecting. Worst case scenario, you can initiate chargeback procedures with your bank.

C: Why would I do that? Why do I need to do that when you took my money?

At this point the conversation just keeps going in circles and he is not getting it.

Me: Sir, I’ve given you all the information I have. I will be ending the call now.

C: *laughs at me* Yeah, right. As if you’re gonna hang up on me. GIVE ME MY MONEYYYYY!!!!

I hung up mid screaming. Since it was a weekend I was the only person on the phone, so I was praying he wouldn’t call again. He didn’t though.

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