Customer wants a sign up bonus from 3 years ago

This story took place some time ago, via email. Various people within the company responded, so I’ll preface everything we said as “us”. Each paragraph preceded by “Customer:” is a new email.

Timeline/background/explanation: Three years ago customer opened account. Within the first two weeks he bounced and stopped payment on multiple ACH/EFT deposits. We disabled ACH/EFT deposits on the account. Despite multiple demands on our part he never willingly paid what was owed. We turned it over to a collection agency. At some point several months later it was discovered he was using a different deposit method and still using the account. We pulled the amount he owed and let the collection agency know we recovered the money. Over the next few years he somehow opened six more accounts under family members’ names, getting a refer-a-friend bonus for each one. Fast forward three years…

Customer: When I signed up I never received the sign up bonus. Can someone look into this please? It was over three years ago.

Us: To be eligible for any sort of bonus your account has to be in good standing. Your account clearly had issues with returned checks and stopped payments, you were even sent to collections. Also, why would you wait for three years to ask about this?

Customer: Because, as you stated even though my account was not in good standing at the time, it’s in good standing now. I don’t know why you keep bringing that up as a big deal, it was $100, and it was taken care of. You keep making it sound like I had a thousand other issues which is not the case.

Not sure what he’s talking about “keep bringing it up”? It was mentioned once. Also, it was closer to $200. Not to mention the refer-a-friend bonuses he scammed.

Us: The bonus is only for new customers, with accounts in good standing. You’ve been a customer for three years, and your account most definitely was not in good standing.

Customer: It does not state anything about the account has to be in good standing.

Customer attaches a screenshot of the website from three years ago. No terms and conditions or fine print, but simply a “here’s this promo we’re running! Be excited! Sign up!” sort of thing. Why he had a three year old screenshot but hadn’t inquired about this bonus in those three years is beyond me.

Customer: I’m not asking for my bonus now, I’m asking for my bonus for when I signed up that I never received. Why are you playing dumb? I figured you would be more professional.

We already stated he is/was not eligible, end of discussion. We ignored his email. Customer starts spamming us demanding his sign up bonus. At one point I think we had 30 emails from him in an hour. At this point we decided he’s more trouble than he’s worth, so we closed his account.

Us: We reserve the right to suspend or close any account at any time.

Customer: Re-open my account. I don’t owe money, we had a misunderstanding. Don’t know what the issue is.

Us: Your account has been closed and will not be reopened. This decision is final.

Customer: Reason?

Us: We reserve the right to suspend or close any account at any time.

Customer: is this a robot? i was asking the reasoning for not opening my account?

Us: We reserve the right to suspend or close any account at any time.

Customer: Also, you took my money without my permission. You are unable to take my money without my permission so please deposit the money you stole back into my account.

Referring to the money we recovered that he owed. Three years ago.

Us: We reserve the right to suspend or close any account at any time.

Customer: No! That is not company policy. Why is my account closed? Because you don’t want to live up to your word?

No idea what he’s talking about.

Customer: Company policy! I will report you not only to the BBB but also the FBI online criminal department for your actions!

Us: We reserve the right to suspend or close any account at any time.

Customer: I’m just asking to get my account straight and you just decide the proper action is to close my account.

Us: These are in our terms and conditions on our website. I suggest you read them.

Screenshot and quote terms and conditions on website, which clearly states if a customer owes money we are well within our rights to recoup the money from their account, and that we reserve the right to suspend or close an account at any time.

Customer: I’m not disputing the fact I owed money. You’re just not being cooperative and being really bitchy to me for no reason when all I’m asking are simple questions. You still have not pointed out where it states my account must be in good standing for the bonus.

We did … see the previous italicized section. We stopped responding to him at this point.

Customer: And to this minute you have yet to show me your policy on the new player bonus being in good standing. You email me back so quick on everything else and the one thing you can’t seem to answer is so basic. It took you seconds to find your policy on cancelations but not on new player bonuses? Or are you drafting this up now? Because I’ve searched your website and it does not exist.

Customer: 1 hour, no response. If you have policies to follow it should be easy to find.

At this point we blocked his email address.

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