Open Marriage?

This JUST happened, I’m so confused.

Me: greeting

Cx: Hey, I need to put the account in my name, it’s in my girlfriend’s name but she cheated on me so I need to change it.

Me: Oh, so sorry to hear that, we can definitely take care of that for you.

For context, girl calling is from a shitty area, she sounds like she’s from said shitty area, so I’m already judging her.

Cx: Hang on, my fiancee keeps calling me, can you stay on the line?

Me: At this point, I’m like uhhh wow that was quick to get engaged Yeah, sure.

Cx: Great, I’m gonna see what he wants.

Me: wut

Cx: Okay, I’m back.

Me: Great! Can I have the best phone number to reach you if we need to?

Cx: This is a new phone, I’m going to have my girlfriend give it to you because I don’t know it yet. My new girlfriend.

At this point, I take the number, end the call and proceed to wonder what THE FUCK kind of life this chick is living.

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"I’ll call back later, despite you telling me I’ve called the wrong company"

“i’m going to send my team out to destroy your company”