"I’ll call back later, despite you telling me I’ve called the wrong company"

I work for a company that does vehicle inspections for 6 (or 7, depending on if manufacturers with a parent company count) different vehicle types. That being said, we only do it for those. We don’t have contracts outside that, at least at my level.

I got a call a couple days ago and this woman was just a monster. We have different phone numbers for different vehicle types so that our scripts come up properly, so I saw she was calling from (insert car manufacturer here). The woman started by complaining that we were supposed to be there by noon, we didn’t show up, she wasted an entire morning waiting for us, yadda yadda.

Cool, let me look up your info. She gives me a weird ass number I don’t recognize, but I look it up anyway. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

She proceeds go give me her VIN, her account number, her name, her cell number. I keep telling her I can’t find her account, but she insists it’s with us. Okay, maybe I’m in the wrong CRM. I ask her to verify what type of vehicle she has.

BMW. She has a BMW. Fun fact, that’s not one we do. I infirm her of this, she informs me I’m wrong, I tell her what vehicles we actually do inspections on, she tells me I’m an idiot. She finally concedes and demands to know who does BMW inspections. Idfk. I didn’t even know these were a thing until I got this job.

She gets mad and says she’ll call back later. I tell her there’s nothing else we can do, but she’s more than welcome to call back. She proceeds to verbally abuse me for about 30 more seconds, then the call ends

As soon as she hangs up, I get a call. The script loads, I get ready to talk, and the call drops (this happens occasionally, it just bounces to another agent) and another pops up.

What a familiar phone number.

I answer. “Thank you for call inspection company, my name is Communist__Robot, how can I help you?”

Woman: Yes, I had an inspection scheduled and no one has arrived. I’d like to know why.

Me: I’d be happy to look into that. What type of vehicle are you calling about?

Woman: It’s a BMW.

Me: I’m sorry, we don’t do inspections for BMWs.

Woman: Then who the fuck does?!

Me: As I said earlier, ma’am, I do not know. I suggest you call your financing company.

sound of disgust, followed by a racial slur, followed by the distinct sound of being hung up on

I can’t say I don’t like getting these calls. Sometimes I’m just too exhausted for them, but most of the time… I thrive off of conflict. Also, if I get the angry ones, that lowers the chances of a less-calloused person getting the call and being upset by it.

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