Old Bitty Hates Obama

I previously posted about my old callcenter job in health benefits and remembered another story from the comments section.

This one is about this old, old, old lady(seriously this lady was about 76 and still on payroll) who called to complain about her premiums for the new year. I was about to break for lunch and I get a call dinged in my headset. (why does this always happen the minute right before a break but I was waiting around for 10 minutes with no call reading news articles)

Me is me. OB is Old Bitty.

Me: Opening spiel and getting security info. How can I help you today?

OB: I want to know why my premiums went up so much and why my life insurance is so low! (Well hello to you too)

Me: (ok right off the bat I’m hungry and want to go to lunch but sure I’ll help you this should be quick) Let me take a look at a few things for you one moment. I look including her age and salary (we had access to a ton of individual information on their profiles. My coworkers would google earth the caller’s home address to check out how nice their house was. That was seriously sketchy and a no no to me.)

Me: Well first off your life insurance changes since you hit above an age bracket in this case 76 to 80. At that age your insured amount decreases by 70% (or something) due to increased risk of loss. Next your premiums changed for the same reason along with your new salary bracket. (OB was making six figures no wonder she never retired)

OB: That is unacceptable! I want my full benefits and I want my premiums lowered. Obama ruined this country with his healthcare changes and I demand those changes this instant.

(From here she continues to rant about Obama for the next 5 minutes. I put myself on mute and start laughing about how ridiculous and entitled she is. I start typing in my skype team chat about this woman and everyone is cracking up. I feel like the ACA helped a lot of people but I could see how it screwed some. It just didn’t screw this lady.)

Me: Off mute I am terribly sorry OB but I cannot make any changes. Those are rules outlined by your company and they are based on your age and salary that everyone else has to work with. I have tried to choose a higher life insurance policy for you and it automatically reduces down to your current benefit.

OB: Continues her rant about ACA, Obama and “the poors” (what?). Finally she tires herself out and hangs up.

I look at the clock and I have been on the call for almost 30 minutes missing my lunch. I go to set myself to Lunch but then get dinged with another call.


Me: Thank you for calling blah blah blah opening spiel. How can I help you?

More to come.

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