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I have done tech support for one of the most hated major internet service providers and one of the most hated major cell carriers, but this one irate caller stood out more than the others. He started off immediately threatening me, saying that he was recording the call and would be sending it to corporate if I said anything he didn’t like. His complaint was getting poor cell signal in some areas, and he was demanding a $20 per month discount on his bill for a year. I offered to take a look and see what I can do because I’d had stranger things approved. However, when I pulled up his account, my jaw dropped. This guy had so many active credits on his account that his monthly bill was down to only $20 including all taxes and fees. I explained to him that he already had over $60 in active monthly credits and was only paying $20 per month as it was, but he still demanded the additional $20 discount. He wanted his bill to be literally free for an entire year. I tell him that I will talk to my supervisor but that I do not expect this request to be approved. Of course the sup refuses to approve free service. The guy loses it and goes off on me as if I just roasted his mom. He spews the classic, “I’ll have your job!”, etc. I mute my mic long enough to tell him he can have it. I have never encountered anyone more indignant or entitled in my life to date. I cannot even adequately articulate how enraged this man was that I could not bump his credits from 75% off to 100% off.

TLDR, Angry guy threatens to get me fired for not giving him a year of free cell service.

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