Nothing To Do With Me

The company that I work for just recently started using a survey program called Medallia, where customers are able to write in comments regarding their experience. It is sent to their email instead of doing a phone survey. This month I have had 15 surveys submitted, 3 of which had a 0 score. Now my customer experience usually stays at an 85 or better. These 3 surveys brought me down to a 53 for the month 😤 When I looked at the bad surveys, they were all for calls that I did not take. They were calls from the previous reps. I know this because one of the calls was literally to complain about the previous rep and then I fixed his problem, the other two surveys said something completely irrelevant to our call, but when I reviewed & listened to the call previously, it was relevant to that one. And there’s no way to remove them from my score. I know I shouldn’t complain because there’s literally nothing I can do about it, apparently they cannot he reviewed and removed, but it is so frustrating to bust your ass every single day and have nothing to show for it because of this. So much for meeting my bonus for the month 🤮

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