Duly noted, sir..

An oldie from my days working for a finance company. We financed purchases for a variety of furniture, jewelry, and appliance stores. We’ll call it ABC Financial.

Me: Thank you for calling ABC Financial, this is Me, how..


Me: I’m sorry, sir, were you notified that you did?

Grouch: YES! I got a letter saying I was denied for credit and I NEVER APPLIED!

Me: Okay, sir. We offer financing at several stores in town, such as Happy Furniture, Ugly Jewelry, and many others. Is it possible that you applied at a store and don’t recognize the ABC Financial name?

Grouch: NO! I didn’t apply for credit anywhere with you people!

Me: If you can give me your name, I can check our system to see where the application was sent from?

Grouch: I’m not giving you my name!

Me: I can possibly find it by your phone number?

Grouch: I’m not giving you any of my information!

Me: I understand, sir. How may I help you today, then?

Grouch: I just wanted you to know that I did NOT apply for credit with you!

Me: (ummm…) Okay, sir, I will pass the message along to my supervisors. You have a nice day.

Grouch: Hmmph.

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