My Company Caved and Now I Look Like a Jerk for Enforcing Policy

I work in the service department for a travel company. We base all of our rates on double occupancy, so if one person cancels off the booking the canceled person pays cancellation penalties and the person still on the booking pays a single supplement fee. The fee is usually the same as the stateroom cost for a second passenger.

Passenger who cancels will be M. Passenger still on trip will be A.

M had purchased travel protection so their cancellation penalties which were around 50% of the total fare would be able to be recouped by submitting a claim to the travel protection company, but my company still charges the cancellation penalties.

If A had purchased travel protection the travel protection company would have covered the change in fare due to the double occupancy becoming a single occupancy. This was explained in great detail by at least 3 agents before any changes were made.

After M cancelled their trip we got an email from A stating that charging them this single supplement was not “customer friendly,” acknowledged that A should have purchased travel protection and demanded that we reduce the single supplement. This makes it all the way to a supervisor and the answer was, “no, we will not waive the single supplement.”

A deciding this was not correct sent a torrent of emails and cc’d family members who have nothing to do with the dispute and clearly had no actual knowledge of the situation, but decided they should weigh in as well.

Every time they emailed in the answer was the same, “We will not waive the single supplement.”

When I got into work this morning I found that we are going to be waiving 75% of the single supplement fee.

Why even have rules if they are just going to be changed for some people? Why do I have to look like a jerk for enforcing policies that are incredibly clear, but can be changed even when they had been told no several times.

Normally I complain about the callers, but my company just made me look like a jerk who doesn’t know how to to their job and I’m mad about it.

TLDR: Passenger wanted us to waive a fee. They were told no several times. Management waived the fee after a torrent of emails.

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