Listen, BEEECKY. A tale of racism and more misnaming for me.

Melanie here, back with a story of racism and more misnaming! This was 2 hours ago. Escalation Supervisor for a department store credit card, blah blah, I love you all. One or two of you may remember my Melanie story (post history) but as my username indicates, I’m Karli. Feel free to not read this as it’s very long, just have to get it out there. Not very descriptive TL;DR at the end.

This lovely ray of sunshine was transferred to me because she first got one of our Offshore agents in the Philippines, and requested a U.S. representative. She got transferred to an African American man in my center, and he happens to be one of our best and has been here longer than most. He probably could’ve helped her better than most of our Supervisors, but she “could just tell he wasn’t white,” he explained before transferring.

She first had me spell out my name several times, but kept calling me Becky. She made sure to indicate that she was recording the call to use as evidence that we all must be “lesser human beings” who can’t keep our “facts straight.” Worst part is it was just calculating a very simple balance, so I think she was just calling to antagonize and pretend like we are wrong.

Customer: Okay Becky, so I’ve been on the phone for 15 minutes trying to get to someone who isn’t beneath me. First person was in India (we have no one in India) the next person was “some hip hop guy” and got on the phone like “Ayyy man what’s up ayyy”

Me: Ma’am that’s unnecessary to this call, your time is clearly valuable to you, how can I help you

(She tried to ask me where I was born and tell me why where we’re from or how we sound IS important since she’s a “Natural born white US citizen,” and again….)

Me: Ma’am I am here to help you with your credit card concerns, where I’m from is not pertinent to that. What is your concern.

Customer: I made a return for items on this date and it’s not showing.

Me: Okay, I am more than happy to help with that. May I have your account number?

Customer: The whole thing?

Me: Yes, I need your account number in order to access it if you have it. (Continues back and forth like this.)

Customer: Well that jive turkey didn’t ask me for an account number (because she didn’t give him a chance) but okay Becky. My account number? Do you mean… (proceeds to say the number at lightning speed in confusing way no doubt on purpose, then calls me an idiot for not getting it the first time so she said it akin to how you’d say it to a toddler after that. Charming.) And my name is Queen of Bitchland.

Me: Okay wonderful. What is the password on your account.

Customer: I’m not giving you my online password what the fuck! Are you actually foreign and just lying?

Me: No, you set this up. The hint is Favorite Pet’s Name, and the first letter is _

Customer: Well my favorite pet is (correct answer) but I did NOT set that up.

(Note: It was a very human male name, likely the name of one of her “house help” she mentioned, as she likely considers them less than human as well, as it was even out of the normal “human” names given to pets.)

Customer: So I made a return at X Location in City, State, the clerk was a Mexican and told me she didn’t pass the 6th grade so she fumbled for 30 fucking minutes, she was struggling to calculate the return amount. Typical spic.” (The register calculates and finalizes that….)

Me: Yes, on that specified date I do see a return for X for X amount, which matches with the amount you expected. Your balance is X. And once again, since you are recording this call, I need to make it clear again for your records that my name is Karli, not Becky. K-A-R-L-I. Is there anything else I can help with?

She proceeded to argue that her balance should be higher, while still arguing that the return credit was missing, Becky’ing me all along the way. I really just wanted to say, you know what, you’re right, I am dumb, I’ll debit your account to make the balance higher. Have a nice day.

Customer: Listen, BEEECKY, you’re clearly not a Supervisor, you might be less than that Mexican who screwed up my return, maybe you only got to 4th grade? I’m tired of you. I don’t even think you’re white. You sound like you are, but you don’t act like it and it’s disappointing. I need a fucking email about this, BEEECKY, or whatever the fuck your name is, and…

Me: Once again ma’am, I’m sorry if I haven’t been clear, my name is…

And she hung up on me. Or the call disconnected, or her phone died, I don’t know. But since she indicated that she was done with me and too busy to deal with my low level of intellect, I didn’t have to call her back. I sent her a balance confirmation email at least. We can take a walk after a bad call to regain composure, so I indicated that I was doing that in our Work Chat. It was my first call of the damn day, too.

I came back to an IM from our Command Center in another state, telling me I can go home if I want after dealing with that since she saw I had tomorrow off and never have 2 days in a row off. She was live-monitoring the call as the transferring agent had flagged the call as Discriminatory/Violent (yes, the client called him the N word with hard R several times. Like, “Can your (word) idiot ass handle transferring a call or is that too much for you?”)

(Spoiler Alert: I took her up on it and I was home 15 minutes later.)

On this one I filed a Complaint against myself for her too, so my boss will have fun listening to that call tonight.

TL;DR: Racist self-declared natural born white woman hates all races, uses derogatory terms towards all, is worst at math than someone who supposedly told her they didn’t pass 6th grade, we had a fun time and now I have a third name. I got to go home 7 1/2 hours early after the call, slightly happy ending. (For the record, I do know that she was only calling me Becky to piss me off and that she was likely meaning it to even be “racist” since Becky can have connotations I guess, but my real pissed off-ness came from everything else she said. I was correcting her each time to act like I didn’t know what she was doing.)

That’s all, time for some medication and video games.

Love, Becky, formerly known as Melanie, formerly known as Karli

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  1. Hi “Beeecky”… I am your “center sister”… I am a Afro- American woman. I had a call where the customer kept calling me “Quisha”. I told him more than once what my actual first name is which does not sound anything like Quisha. I know what the real deal was it was for the same reason she kept calling you Becky

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