“I’ve Never Heard That Before…”

Today I was that person. Background: Auto & home insurance customer service.

Me: thank you for calling (name) my name is LegendofBrittnee who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today? (It’s usually not a pleasure but sometimes.)

Customer: Jack & my wife Dianne.

Me: Like the song?

Customer: hoho…I’ve never heard that before…

Luckily he laughed and proceeded to tell me that he almost died when he heard the song and they actually played it at their wedding so it’s all good. For a split second I thought that he was going to get mad at me.

Have you ever said something as a joke and it backfired?

One other time a gentleman told me that he bought a car in 2012 and I said “wow that feels like it was so long ago.” And he said, “huh??? Why would you even say that? It’s a nice car?” And I’m like listen dude all I said was that it feels like 2012 was so long ago. I never commented on the quality of your car. 😤

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